Webinar Patient Communication

Duxware has the industry's most complete Patient Relationship Managment Solution. It doesn't matter if you are a current user, or just looking at the service for the first time, these critical patient communication tools will keep your schedule full, your staff happy, and your practice thriving. Even our current users of this service may learn about features they are currently not using. This 45 minute seminar will demonstrate how it will work for you!

Learn how these features can benefit your practice:

  • Immediately send patients the details when they're scheduled
  • Automatically remind patients of their appointment
  • Use text messages to reach more patients
  • Collect patient feedback after their appointment
  • Boost your Google Reviews rating
  • Online waiting list moves patients up in the schedule
  • And more!
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When: Tuesday, August 21st at 12:00 Central Daylight Time

Where: Online Webinar