DuxWare Testimonials

Everyone at DuxWare is dedicated to and proud of the work that we do. From product development to client services, we constantly strive to make our client's experience with us better every single day. We do this by using various training methods, open conversations, reliable development methods and employing professional sales and support team members. It is how we honor our responsibility to our clients that makes us who we are. We don't take that responsibility lightly.

What our clients are saying...

"Our main concern about changing to a new system was training the users. However DuxWare is very user friendly and we did not have any issues. I really like the numerous reports that can be retrieved. Also the scheduling is very intuitive and the interface with Sevocity EHR works really well. I would definitely recommend DuxWare – and do frequently because of their fast, friendly customer service. They always go the extra length to resolve any issue – even if it is a clearinghouse or payer issue. DuxWare is the best!"

-- Kim, CFO, large multi-location pediatric practice, Louisiana

"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry. The Claims Manager has made my life easier and the all the different reports help me keep on top of things. I would recommend DuxWare because the system is easy to learn and it is very intuitive. Customer Service at DuxWare is great."

-- Crystal, Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisana

"After comparing other medical practice software companies, we chose DuxWare due to its “user friendly” features such as scheduling patients, entering charges, sending claims, and printing reports. In addition, they also work well with our EHR Management System which helps with our claims processing. Their staff is always friendly and easily accessible via the phone or email. This is not only important when setting up a new practice during that transition period, but also on a daily basis when time is an issue. Keep up the good work DuxWare!"

-- Catherine, Office Manager, ophthalmology practice, Florida

"When looking for billing software I was concerned about support, pricing and interfacing – DuxWare has great support, is easy to use and affordable. I particularly like the prepayment feature in DuxWare and being able to apply the payment later. Being able to split encounters and auto posting of 835 files are other great features of DuxWare. I always recommend DuxWare because of its ease of use, good customer service, and easy start up."

-- Alma, billing service owner, Texas

"When looking for an integration partner it was important to us that the company have our same philosophy on customer service -- DuxWare met, and has exceeded, our expectations regarding customer service.We have never had a customer who wasn't completely happy with their implementation and support.Our customers feel DuxWare is extremely easy to use, the support is excellent and they get paid.The interface works very well -- the DuxWare team was very easy to work with.The DuxWare team works with us to resolve any issues quickly and completely -- they never get the customer in the middle."

--Craig, EHR Vendor, Texas

"DuxWare meets our needs perfectly. When program upgrades are put in place, they are always for the better, and they don't wreck existing well-designed features. They have designed and built a solid, clean interface, and they have simply steadily improved it over time. DuxWare is very easy to use, even for computer novices. Navigation through the system is very well designed. Despite being easy to use, it is very powerful and flexible, giving us a solid tool for keeping our finances under optimal control. The Dunning reports are well designed and enable us to easily track and actively manage our outstanding insurance claims and patient bills. Procedure reports allow us to easily see our practice patterns by procedure and payer. The search function capabilities are extremely well designed. I recommend DuxWare to anyone with no reservations at all, because it does absolutely everything relating to billing that a medical office needs, and it does so smoothly, easily, and reliably, with good support. DuxWare is a sophisticated medical financial management application that is both easy and powerful, a rare combination in software design."

-- Dr. H, family practice, Louisiana

"We have been with Duxware for 10 years now. I can say that we never once looked back. It is very user friendly and takes very little time for a new employee to learn the system. Over the past 10 years we have made many requests of things we would like to see added, and we are never let down. Duxware has customized the system many times for us. Anytime we need to call there is always someone available to take our call with no hold time. I would highly recommend this system! "

Lindsey Archangel – Practice Manager at a Pediatric clinic

"I am 100% satisfied with the performance of the Duxware Medical Practice software in our facility. It is very user friendly, & often prompts you when mistakes are made. The customer support people are second to none. They know the product extremely well, always help you navigate through any problem you might encounter. The reports that can be run make my job so much easier, they are very complete & easy to follow. It was very easy to learn this system & easy to teach to other users in my office. I only wish that my entire EHR was designed by the makers of Duxware. "

Tina Gerard – Practice Manager at an Instant Care clinic

"Duxware is incredibly user friendly and looks great. The reporting side is very detailed and customizable. The best part is the customer service, no phone tree! A real person who knows their stuff answers the phone within five rings! "

Todd Nielsen – Practice Manager at a Family Practice clinic

"I have been using DuxWare since March of 2013. DuxWare works great for our office needs. We are able to schedule and confirm patients quickly, have easy access to all patient visits and payment ledgers, and the reports are awesome. Overall we are very happy with DuxWare in our office. "

Julie Cloninger – Practice Administrator at an Ophthalmology practice

"As a user of this product for 9 years, I have been very impressed with the continued upgrades and improvements of the system. They have met deadlines as proposed by CMS. The system has also integrated well with our EMR system. Customer Service has been pleasant and resourceful to any problems I have had. One improvement I would like to see is the availability of an online education webinar(s) that is accessible all the time to be able to view the changes and to be able to teach new employees. "

Natalie Loyacano – Practice Administrator at Retinal Surgery practice

"I have used Duxware for approximately 5 years and have never regretted the decision to use them. From the very beginning they have been great. Their knowledge of what our office needed in software was extensive. Setup was easy and the transition went with few hiccups. Duxware has an excellent staff that is always easy to get a hold of. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants user friendly software backed by user friendly staff! "

Paula Zedlitz – Practice Manager at Hyperbaric clinic

"I would and have highly recommended Duxware for our PM system. Since we went live with them in 2009 we have had nothing but excellent service from them. Even when the hurricanes and super hurricanes hit if we went down it was rerouted within an hour or two. The support staff are an excellent representatives of their company. They are very knowledgeable about the system. They have worked VERY well with our EMR system (MDI). – Mary Baglin "

Practice Administrator at Retina Surgery Practice

"We have used Duxware practice management software since 2008. They are always willing to do what it takes to help with any questions or problems that we might have. Very easy to learn! "

Vicki Carrington – Office Manager at Ophthalmology clinic

"DuxWare is a user friendly software. Reports are not hard to find and VERY easy to read. There is always someone readily to speak to if you have a question. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and there are also help icons on things you would question to help explain what it is used for. Scheduling patients is fun when you can build your own templates to conform to your physician's time schedule and preference. Entering charges and payments is very simplified when it comes to difficulty level. Submitting claims and posting insurance payments is straightforward and fast. "

Dana Warden – Office Manager at an OBGYN practice.

"I have been very pleased with DuxWare, the layout is very nice and I have found that it is easy to navigate. I like the fact if you do make an error it is very quick to show you so it can be corrected at that time. There have been a few times it has had a glitch in the system but is usually fixed immediately. DuxWare interacts great with our Sevocity (EHR) Practice Management system. If at anytime there is something I have a problem with I can pick up the phone and talk to Lisa and Linda who are very helpful. I think the world of these girls. I would recommend DuxWare to any other office. "

Pam Bigham – Office Manager at an Internal Medicine clinic

"DuxWare earns the gold star for ease of use and the outstanding customer service I receive from Medical Practice Software. Very satisfied! "

Karen Mitchell – Practice Manager at an Allergy clinic

"We have been using the Duxware system for approximately 13 years. We find it meets all of our needs and the system is very user friendly. The staff is always friendly and available to help with any questions or problems you may have. During my career I have used many different software systems and I would not hesitate to recommend this system overall. "

Jane Lyon – Office Manager at a Dermatology clinic.

"We have been using Duxware for approximately ten years. The system is very user friendly. Any new staff I hire learns the system very quickly. The customer service is great. You call and get an answer right away for any questions. They are all very nice to work with and very knowledgeable. We love the system. I can't think of any cons. Would highly recommend! "

Carin Rohm – Office Manager at an OBGYN clinic

"We have been on DuxWare since August of 2009. To say that is reliable is an understatement. We have had minimal problems, even when we were transitioning. The staff was very helpful with our transition and Customer service is grade A. I can't say enough about the support staff. They are all wonderful and able to help with any questions we may have. Being able to have all the patient information on one screen is very helpful. You can scan over information and it will pop up with further information. If you scan over the insurance it will have a pop-up screen with the telephone number and address for the insurance company. You can add notes to each claim as needed. Ease of use is great too. There is a very low learning curve to be able to be up and running. Administrators can give employees access to what is needed and if an employee is terminated, you can immediately deny them access to the system. I can't say enough about the system or the staff. After leaving a system that was very difficult to use and had “customer-no-service”, this has been a joy to use. I would highly recommend anyone to use DuxWare. "

Mary at a Retinal Surgery clinic

"I chose Duxware for our Management Software for so many reasons, but the main one was the support we received from them throughout the changing process. From the start with the programmers, who customized the system to meet every need we presented, to the trainer(s) who were very knowledgeable, kind and patient while teaching our staff and management throughout the process, it was simply outstanding. As a practice administrator, it is a nightmare to think of changing not only your billing/scheduling software, but also your claims clearinghouse. One would anticipate at least a 3 to 6 month break in revenue, which can be detrimental to any business, however, with the guidance of the Duxware team, ours was less than 4weeks! Duxware has proven itself to be one of the best choices I have made! Their product has made our billing and receivables' more accurate and productive with 90% of our collections residing in the 30 day category. After 6 years of being on their system, I can say that they continue to maintain their commitment and dedication to their clients by continuing to offer assistance, training and access to their team anytime we are in need. This "hands on" approach has by far raised them above all the rest. Their product is always on the cutting edge, meeting the demands of the ever changing world of healthcare. I cannot imagine our clinic running as efficiently and smoothly without it. "

Annie Richard – Practice Administrator at a Dermatology clinic.