If your Billing Service software is not working for you... DuxWare is the solution!


Increase Your Gross Margin

  • Practice claim management procedures means your client's claims get paid complete and fast
  • Submit all claims and receive payments electronically through our partner clearinghouses or to your existing one
  • Full integration with any EHR gives you and your clients more choices on how they want to practice
  • Spin up new client databases in one day with DuxWare


  • DuxWare is cloud-based so you have immediate access to your client's system-- and so can they
  • DuxWare is simple to use so training your practice is fast and results are great
  • Use our training staff or your own to manage your client's users
  • DuxWare works on both PCs and Macs as well as smart phones and tablets!

Be Informed

  • You and your client are always looking at the same data at the same time, so communication is improved
  • Send messages about patients or claims directly to your end-user clients using DuxWare messaging features
  • Provide real-time reporting by Entry Date, Service Date, and Batch Date to your clients
  • Happy clients means long-term relationships and higher profits for your business

"When looking for billing software I was concerned about support, pricing and interfacing – DuxWare has great support, is easy to use and affordable. I particularly like the prepayment feature in DuxWare and being able to apply the payment later. Being able to split encounters and auto posting of 835 files are other great features of DuxWare. I always recommend DuxWare because of its ease of use, good customer service, and easy start up."

-- Alma, billing service owner, Texas

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