DuxWare's Advanced Features:

Automated Appointment Reminder

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On-Hold Music & Messaging

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Real-time Claim Scrubbing

With the DuxWare Claim Scrubber, you can find and fix coding errors before the payer ever sees them. What does this mean for your practice? When the payer receives your claims, your coding is accurate. More claims are paid, and turnaround time for payment is shorter. Optimize your reimbursement process effortlessly.

What does optimized coding look like with the DuxWare Claim Scrubber?

  • All codes at ultimate specificity
  • Your diagnoses support your procedures
  • Global periods and RVUs are correctly identified
  • Procedure codes are bundled correctly
  • Diagnosis codes show medical necessity
  • Puts all required modifiers correctly in place
  • Avoid overused generic and 'catch-all' codes which means proper up-coding or down-coding

DuxWare is the solution!
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"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry. The Claims Manager has made my life easier and the all the different reports help me keep on top of things. I would recommend DuxWare because the system is easy to learn and it is very intuitive. Customer Service at DuxWare is great."

-- Crystal, Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisiana

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