DuxWare Partners

One of our strategic partners had this to say about DuxWare….

"DuxWare met, and has exceeded, our expectations regarding
customer service. We have never had a customer who wasn't
completely happy with their implementation and support.”

We are very proud of that statement and work hard to keep it true. 

In today's medical practices there is a need for software that not only manages the practice efficiently, but enables electronic medical records, orders labs, automatically calls patients to remind them of appointments or recalls and more. Our philosophy is that each company should do what it does best and not try to be "everything to everyone".

In keeping with our philosophy, we carefully choose specific organizations to partner with us who have products that our clients can utilize in their practices but also have training and support policies similar to ours. These partnership companies will work as one with DuxWare to provide our users complete support in all areas of their practice. Our clients deserve more than fingers pointing at the other guy, they deserve quality products with un-questionable support. That's what we strive to achieve with our partner organizations. The best of both worlds.

We proudly partner with...